At Cashbox we offer loans on a variety of items from Jewelry, Firearms, Electronics, Gold and Silver coin, Musical Instruments, Car Audio, tools and more!


When you pawn an item, you are not selling it! A loan associate will provide an in depth test and evaluation of your item's value. After coming to an agreement, a loan is given to you in cash while we hold onto the item as collateral. We have the lowest interest rate in Tucson. The loan terms are 90 days in the state of Arizona. Each pawn costs $5 and we charge 16% for the first 60 days and 22% on your 90th day. Unlike other pawn institutions, we offer an additional 60 days grace period to recover your items. Standard 8% per month interest applies. You must a valid state or federal issued ID or passport.


We are always looking to buy quality pre-owned merchandise. Unlike a pawn loan, this sale is final. We may sometimes offer more to purchase your item if it is in high demand at our store. The process is simple, bring in your goods and one of our associates will make a competitive offer for your item. You must a valid state or federal issued ID or passport.