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Top Dollar for your Quality Rare items and Collectibles

Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn of Tucson  is on the hunt for a wide range of collectibles, antiques, and rare items. Our large inventory caters to the casual collector as well as the seasoned antique hunter. Feel free to bring by treasures you may have locked away. The other guys may not appreciate the value that Cashbox can. We are in the eBay and Etsy business and are willing and able to deal in rare goods.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between being a pawn shop and a historical galleria of sorts. We invite you to stop by our store and revel in the bits of history we learn about and appreciate. 

What kinds of things are we interested in?

  • Snap-On and Blue-Point tools of all kinds
  • Retro or Vintage video games and consoles
  • Sterling Silverware, Holloware, and Tea Sets
  • Native American Silver, especially with Artist's stamp
  • Antiques and Retro Technology


Still not sure if we'll take it? Call and ask for Matthew (520) 445-6868 at the Grant Location.

We can find the right market to sell your item WORLDWIDE on our eBay or Etsy store.