August Birthstones:
Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel

Peridot has been found in some meteorites, making it one of the few gems known to exist outside of our solar system.

Lower-quality peridot is brownish. Pure green stones are rare, and most peridots are more yellowish green. The higher-quality stones have an intense color.

The name Sardonyx is split up into two words viz. "sard" and "onyx". Sard means "reddish brown" and onyx means "veined gem."

Sardonyx a form of Chalcedony containing a mixture of onyx and carnelian. There is a variety of color throughout these stones.

Spinel has an octahedral crystal structure and single refraction which sets it apart from other gems.

While large spinels were widely available in the past, nowadays, cut stones over ten carats of good color are very rare.

No matter what stones you choose we sincerely hope enjoy your August.

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